Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The number of SLM earnings

Implementation of service level agreements (Service Level Agreement) of the process can bring real benefits for the organization. Bearing in mind the following tips can make you from the service level agreements to maximize the benefits of the implementation.

IT services for the management of the organization and its customers manage, service level management deals with how users needs are properly understood and management. Service Level Management covers and planning, monitoring and reporting on a range of services related to management activities. Now, we're going to explore how to evaluate service level management. First, we describe may be required for the effective implementation of the minimum service level management of data and evaluation criteria; then cited the success of data collection and evaluation of key factors; then, the key factors for monitoring and evaluation are discussed. To be able to better cost performance to ensure service quality, IT service organizations must themselves have a better positioning.

1, service level management revenue

Good service level management can give organizations the implementation of great benefits.

- Harmony between users and IT organizations, the relationship - good service-level management of the implementation of the most important benefits brought by IT organizations is that the user has established a good image of the eyes. It sounds like trivial, but in fact is very important. Poor implementation of service level management in IT and erected large barriers between users. A service level agreement is between IT and users, and to obtain the relationship between a given contract, the user should clearly state their needs, IT must use their resources to provide services to meet customer demand, two-up must dutifully Caixing .

-IT operational effectiveness - the implementation of service level agreements have the advantage of IT to assign adequate resources to meet the real needs of our customers. IT service level agreements to remind what is the true business requirements, without wasting resources on unnecessary services, or to customers with too complex or advanced services to customers can not accept. I have seen many IT organizations. Spent a lot of money in technology products, has ignored the real needs of customers.

- Increase customer satisfaction - users of computing resources any acceptable level of service beyond his expectations, he certainly will be very satisfied. With the SLA, IT will have a chance to set the service level can be achieved. IT can improve service for customers more satisfied.

2, data and evaluation needs

For effective service level management is concerned, it needs the most basic data and evaluation requirements what is it? The successful collection of data and evaluation requirements of these key then what is it? Next we will discuss this topic.

- System configuration data. - Constitute a system of such data, including hardware, software and installation of various systems components, the system connection diagram and how to integrate the interaction of various components of the data. This information is a proper understanding of service-level goals to be achieved in the necessary information.

- System operations had cost - including the systems required to do all kinds of transportation cost factors, such as: staff costs, hardware, software and supply costs, maintenance costs and support in terms of class power, air conditioning and other environmental costs.

- Service-level evaluation - and the evaluation of service-level objectives should be clearly stated in the SLA, which includes: industry standards and with the historical data cf.

I suggest the following aspects to evaluate the service level management:

- The ultimate customer satisfaction rate - through the investigation stage approach to ask whether the user satisfaction with the services provided by IT organizations.

- To achieve service level objectives - a model study IT organization can often achieve the SLA service level objectives set forth in the evaluation.

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